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About Anthony Jackman

Anthony Jackman is an abstract visual artist based in Castlemaine Victoria.


His work channels the energy and spontaneity of the urban and industrial environment, combining rhythm, and form to create a raw, expressive style.


Through his work, he explores the themes around impermanence, and the dichotomy of order and chaos. These themes coincide with the concept that art has the power to create a dynamic and immersive experience for the viewer, and the creative process, which provides a snapshot of the dialogues interwoven in the space.


Anthony has carved out a distinctive style in abstract painting, reflecting his own vision and perspective while remaining deeply rooted in the artistic traditions that inspire him.

Over the years, Anthony has exhibited his paintings in galleries in Melbourne.

Solo Exhibitions


SOL Gallery






Hogan Gallery

Collingwood, Melbourne


Hogan Gallery

Collingwood, Melbourne

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